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[MBTI] Perceiving vs. Judging types (P – J)

It is quite common to realize that you have a stressful atmosphere when you work in a team: when you are trying to commit to the deadline, (you run your task in a very fast pace and seems like you got chocked), your friend only seems to get to their part just one or two […]

The origin of Chiron and its indication in astrology

I am reading Greek mythology and I found out some interesting facts about the figures in the mythology, which may provide a link to understand more about the signs and the planets in astrological chart. I just came across Chiron. He was one of the Centaurs – the wisest and the justest of all the […]

Past – present – future time reflection

I usually approach Tarot as a way to do self-reflection, it doesn’t have to tell me the future, it just tell me how I perceive, feel and think about my future. When I draw these cards, the simple question I keep in my mind is, tell me about my past – present – future. They […]

Reflection on New year…

I started to adopt Tarot cards as a way to support my self-reflection and my working with my energy, besides meditation. I find it suit well with my sense of creativeness, with a mind dwelling on the life, life mission and the energy of the universe. Today is the first day of the Lunar New […]

How do you define your "life-mission"?

(This is a very broad topic, so I only wish is to touch on the surface, based on my experience only). This is not the first time I think about my “life purpose” or “life mission”, but encountering this word in a different context give me another viewpoint. The first time I though about this […]

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